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The Berlin crowd celebrating the release of the long awaited 13th issue of Surf and Skate Magazine WHAT YOUTH, who began by documenting surfing, but quickly realized there was a lot of other rad shit happening around them as well: Music. Skating. Art. Fashion. Travel. Food. Drink. Life.


NO SAINTS Exhibition Opening

It was one of these summer nights when No Saints opened their exhibition at Backyard: you plan to pop over for a drink and than stay until the early morning hours, connecting friends, connecting times.


Suzan Rinow Tattoo pres. Hautskizzen

When SUZAN RINOW started her career as an artist and bartender in Berlin, Backyard was the first locations she exhibited and jobbed at. Meanwhile she is working at Berghain/Panorama Bar – quite a jump, but even more she has developed as an artist, focusing on her tattooing art and due to her fine drawings and […]


Firmament Killing Classics Barbecue

It’s Fashion Week Baby! The Firmament Killing Classics event by Berlin Mitte based menswear shop FIRMAMENT during MBFW featured an all-original brazilian BBQ and music by Berlin hype guys Nico Adomako, Hannah Faith, JD Reid und Lee Stuart.



In celebration of their newest Activity Tracker, french brand Withings teamed up with Berlin superhype Run Group THE RUN PACK and launched a video documenting them during Berlin Halfmarathon. The invite only launch event at Backyard featured a tasty barbeque prepared by Backyard’s very own cook involving healthy burgers and even more healthy salads and […]


Backyard Dinner Club

We’re back! Feel like you’re at home with your family at Backyard Dinner Club. Combining dinner and music – a concept often copied since we started back in 2009. 3 simple courses, good wine, served with love. An exclusive dinner with friends, a place to chat and meet new people – while listening to tunes […]


Kreuzberg Kalender Opening

The Kreuzberg Kalender is a project that is collecting money for “the Kiez” by sending a handmade kalender with Berlin secrets to people. It’s actually a really cool project and the money leftover will be given to the Kältebusses running through the streets giving homeless guys the chance to warm up a bit, which might […]


Visuals – Release Event

This Tuesday New York-bred, Berlin-based minimal/new-wave/psych songwriter & producer Andrew Fox will be performing live at Backyard Berlin to celebrate the release of the s/t VISUALS EP, produced by Nicolas Jaar’s project DARKSIDE (Nicolas Jaar, David Harrington).